Nadam Music School is an institution which was established 25 years ago in the city of Aluva with an ambition of accomplishing every music enthusiast’s dream of becoming a musician. Nadam, as an institution has received a lot of appreciations ever since it was been established.


It was the dream of the director of Nadam Mr TS Joseph to start an institution ever since he started his Music Career as a Church Musician in 1989. His Music oriented family has been a great support for him in establishing and running this Gem among the musical institutions in Kerala called Nadam. He was been taught to play guitar by the best and famous teachers Mr. Peter and Mr. Roy Thomas and Mr Bichu Iyer. He was also the student of the first batch in Kess where he was taught by Mr. Rajesh Master and cleared the Grade examinations in Guitar conducted by Trinity College London with high marks. Meanwhile he very active in church choirs and got opportunity to work with a lot of good music directors in this genre. T.S Joseph has also worked with many film music directors like Mr. Mohan Sithara. He is also good in Music presentation. He then joined as a lead guitarist in Cochin Harisree which was a famous music troupe during the 90s and has travelled to different parts of the world playing for programs.


It was in the year 2003 that Nadam school of Music was moved to the  heart of Aluva City from a small village called chunangaveli. Nadam became the choir wing of Ernakulam Diocese with the help of Fr. Paul who is a music director in the field of Christian Devotional music. Nadam has contributed a lot to Christian Devotional music during those days and has become a gathering point for many young musicians for exhibiting their talent music and developing their skills. Mr T S Joseph, along with Team Nadam has done a good amount of charitable works, visited orphanages, special schools, old age homes, jails etc and gave musical performances in order to comfort them brothers and sisters in them every year.


The year 2005 was a milestone with regards to the growth of Nadam as the orchestration of the annual program in Shalom TV was done by the director of Nadam T S Joseph. The program was considered as the best program. He also did the orchestration for famous and most appreciated programs in Shalom TV like Ghazals and Bhajan and songs sung by KG Markose, Gayathry, Venugopal, Franco and Sayanora. The above programs are examples for TA Joseph’s brilliance in music arrangement.


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