"Music is the language of all mankind and is the Divine gift of God"


"NADAM Music" was formed in 1989, in Aluva town of Ernankulam City by Mr. T.S Joseph. It was formed just as a small music team in the initial years, But over the year of their career, NADAM Music evolved into the finest music group of cochin with all the modern facilities.


Under the guidance of almost eminent musicians in Cochin,a coaching school for music was formed in Aluva, named "Nadam School of music". Within a five year span, this academy has reached its heights and glory. The main aim of this academy is to mould and help the students to reach all the levels in music. And due to the tireless pursuit of the eminent trainers, Nadam School of music is tremendously successful in all the realms of music. Nadam Music School gives different levels of coaching to the topmost schools and other institutions of Cochin.


To add hue to our pride some of the trainers of Kalabhavan (U.A.E), were molded from Nadam Music School. Being one of the topest music institutions of Cochin, we are privileged and debted, for getting the help and support of the veteran and well known music Directors of the Malayalam film music industry.


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