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Philanthropic Activities

Music is a ray of hope to the hopeless. Nadam has been involved with many outreach programmes over years.Entertaining the old,incarcerated and differently-abled is an act we deem precious.

Old age home:- It is a blessing to be the reason for the smile of elderly in old age homes.Singing and dancing with them And the warmth they offered us in return are treasures for a lifetime.

Special schools:-Differnly abled proved to be better cannoisseurs of music.Our performences were followed by theirs.we were astonished by the impeccable music insights they possed. a worthwhile Onam.

Jails:-Through our jail ministry, we use music to fill the hearts of incarcerated with hope.What we met there men, so flesh and blood like us.All we could do was gladen their hearts and pray for their redemption.Truly a humbling experience.

Borstal School:- In Borstal we had kids dancing to our tunes till they gasped out of breath.We got back with the conviction that we could add some hue to their dark lives.

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